BoF (45 minutes)

Debian Live BoF by Jonathan Carter
Surprise, you're a manager! by David Bremner, et al.
Bursaries BoF by David Bremner & Jonathan Carter
Arm ports BoF by Steve McIntyre
Web team BoF by Steve McIntyre
Secure Boot. In Debian. In Buster. Really. by Steve McIntyre
Debian Cloud Team BoF by Tomasz Rybak
Debian Go packaging team BoF by Clément Hermann
Software transparency BoF by Benjamin
The Free Software Foundation and Debian by John Sullivan
Debian Games: Fun and Freedom - What is new? - Ask your questions and learn more! by Markus Koschany
debian/copyright BoF by Hideki Yamane
DebConf21: in ... your city? by Gunnar Wolf
Discussion: Advocating for Software Freedom in Your Home Country by Danny Haidar
Geographical Diversity BoF by Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
Using git for Ubuntu packaging by Andreas Hasenack
Debian Med BoF by Andreas Tille
Debian Science BoF by Andreas Tille
R packaging BoF by Andreas Tille
Debian Diversity BoF by Rhonda D'Vine
Xen BoF by Ian Jackson
Bootstrappable Debian BoF by Giovanni Mascellani
Debian Singing SboF (Songbirds of a Feather) by Giovanni Mascellani & Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
MiniDebConf2020 in Deutschland by Michael Banck, et al.
Creating development containers for the lazy - is there a right way? by Alex Doyle