The 20th Debian Conference is being held in Curitiba, Brazil, from July 21th to 28th, 2019.

It will also consist of DebCamp from July 14th to 19th, and Open Day on the 20th.

The 20th Debian Conference is underway!

Video streams


From 17:00 to 17:45

Lightning Talks
by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings & Jonathan Carter
Video stream expected


From 17:00 to 17:45

Debian Science BoF (in track "Debian Blends")
by Andreas Tille
Video stream expected

Sala de Videoconferencia

No event streaming currently.



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DebConf is an opportunity to learn about the latest updates to Debian and to talk about the next steps and long-term direction of the project with the people who are making it happen. Hudson River Trading runs on Debian and is proud to annually sponsor an event that brings together such a talented community and supports its continued development.

Taylor Legg, Hudson River Trading

It's an honor to attend DebConf and participate with such an extraordinary group of people working together for software freedom. Attending DebConf always fires me up to do more for the Debian community and gives me hope for the future of our technology.