Brazil operates its borders on a reciprocity policy, so if your country requires a visa from Brazilian citizens, most likely Brazil will require a visa from you.

Please check the official listing of visa requirements for entering Brazil. Wikipedia also has a page on the subject, which you may find useful.

If you need any help obtaining a visa, please email the visa team <> with your details.

Please bring a printout of your registration confirmation email, for immigration officers to examine.

CA Certificates

The Brazilian government uses its own CA PKI, which is not trusted by Mozilla or Debian. So you’re very likely to run into certificate errors when requesting a visa, online.

You can find the root certificates here.

Certificate SHA-256 Fingerprint
Autoridade Certificadora Raiz Brasileira v1 CB:D8:ED:38:D4:A2:D6:77:D4:53:D7:0D:D8:89:0A:F4: F6:37:4C:BA:62:99:94:3F:1A:B3:A6:93:6C:6F:D7:95
Autoridade Certificadora Raiz Brasileira v2 FB:47:D9:2A:99:09:FD:4F:A9:BE:C0:27:37:54:3E:1F: 35:14:CE:D7:47:40:7A:8D:9C:FA:39:7B:09:15:06:7C
Autoridade Certificadora Raiz Brasileira v5 CA:A5:3F:C6:09:1C:69:51:88:7C:97:6E:37:8F:6E:F8: 9A:A6:37:7C:55:D9:7B:64:75:42:2B:71:ED:7E:9B:17
Autoridade Certificadora Raiz Brasileira v8 CD:54:06:F6:1A:8D:5D:08:A3:79:7D:A0:44:BE:66:9C: 55:5C:2D:8B:82:1D:67:57:7F:0A:2C:E3:A1:A2:77:E1
Autoridade Certificadora Raiz Brasileira v9 CD:D1:14:9D:CF:C1:37:C4:C3:4F:A8:44:CF:59:2C:FB: FE:A0:5C:B1:3B:77:0A:D5:E1:F0:C7:FC:8C:9C:43:BF