Attendees with an accommodation bursary will be accommodated at the Nacional Inn Curitiba.

Address: Rua Lourenço Pinto, 458 - Centro

The Nacional Inn is located in easy walking distance (260m) from the venue.


The bedrooms will be shared, and can accommodate 2, 3, or 4 people.

Breakfast schedule: * Monday to Friday: 6:00h - 10:00h * Saturday and Sunday: 6:00h - 10:30h

Self-paid accommodation

DebConf isn’t providing any organised accommodation for attendees without an accommodation bursary. Please organize your own accommodation.

You can book a room in the same hotel as the sponsored attendees by sending an email directly to the hotel staff: Jacyrah and Lucimara

There is another hotel next door (the Aladdin).

Other hotels

If you are looking for a hotel near from the venue, we suggest (in order of proximity):

If you don’t see any availability on their website, we’d suggest checking booking aggregator websites, or contacting the hotel directly. Some of the hotels sell some of their inventory exclusively through aggregators.