Short talk (20 minutes)

BoF (45 minutes)

DebConf20 BoF by Daniel Lange & Tzafrir Cohen
Outreach team BoF by Pranav Jain, et al.
Debian LTS, the good, the bad and the better by Holger Levsen, et al.
Python BoF by Piotr Ożarowski
Is Debian (and Free Software) gender diverse enough? by Sruthi Chandran
Web site old content cleanup work session by Thomas Lange
Ruby Team BOF by Utkarsh Gupta, et al.
New to DebConf BoF by Rhonda D'Vine
use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group by Clément Hermann & gregor herrmann
Salsa and Salsa-CI BoF – how the two teams could collaborate and provide a perfect platform for Debian Developers by Otto Kekäläinen
MariaDB packaging in Debian - BoF session on next steps by Otto Kekäläinen
One Git to Package them All, and on the Salsa, Find Them by Sam Hartman & Ian Jackson
Anti-Harassment BoF by Molly de Blanc & Steve McIntyre
Meet the technical committee by Tollef Fog Heen, et al.
DSA BoF by Tollef Fog Heen, et al.