Long talk (45 minutes)

Live Demos by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings & Jonathan Carter
Bits from the DPL by Sam Hartman
How MariaDB packaging uses Salsa-CI to ensure smooth upgrades and avoid regressions by Otto Kekäläinen
Automação total desde a criação da imagem de instalação ao ambiente de produção em um Grande Banco Público by Wilton Rodrigues & José Augusto Dias Rosa
what is persistent memory? by Adam Borowski
Who's afraid of Spectre and Meltdown? by Alexandre Oliva
Escaping the Surveillance Blackhole with Free Mobile Computing by Alexandre Oliva
Open Licences and Open Educational Resources: Why I should care about it? by Felipe Do E. Santo
What's new in the Linux kernel (and what's missing in Debian) by Ben Hutchings
Electronic Experimental Music with Debian by Joenio Marques da Costa
Free Software/Utopia by Deb Nicholson
FOSS Governance: The good, the bad and the ugly by Deb Nicholson
State of RDMA in Debian by Tzafrir Cohen & Talat Batheesh
Building a personal home automation setup by Jonathan McDowell
Debian in the Cloud by Lucas Kanashiro & Tomasz Rybak
Building a Debian derivative from Git by Andrej Shadura
Comunicações seguras em um mundo inseguro by Christiane Borges Santos
When Antitrust Law Fails: Breaking Up Big Tech with Grassroots Technology by Danny Haidar
Symbolic Execution of Maintainer Scripts by Ralf Treinen & Nicolas Jeannerod
Debian seu canivete Suíço Forensic by Hélio Pereira "Penttinali" & Jean Carlos Piumbini
Cuban Free Software Community: experiences and challenges. by Leonel Salazar Videaux & Pablo Mestre Drake
Building Medical Devices with Debian by André Roth & Lars Schmohl
The metaverse, gaming and the metabolism of cities by Bernelle Verster
Caninos Loucos: a plataforma nacional de Single Board Computers para IoT by geonnave
GSoC/Outreachy Projects by Pranav Jain, et al.