Building a Debian derivative from Git

Speaker: Andrej Shadura

Track: Packaging, policy, and Debian infrastructure

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Miniauditório

Time: Jul 25 (Thu), 17:00

Duration: 0:45

Apertis, an automotive Debian derivative, has historically relied on a combination of Open Build System and Git to store packages. However, since OBS provides only rudimentary Subversion-like version control, this workflow has been proven to be inefficient, especially when it comes to merging updates from Debian or rebasing to a new release.

Apertis is currently underway a migration which will result in all packages stored in Git only with OBS used for builds only. This transition is challenging since the way Debian packages have traditionally been built does not translate well to all-in-Git workflows. Lessons learnt as part of this transition are as beneficial for Apertis as they are for Debian itself and other derivatives.

Since this work is currently in progress, but a major part of it is scheduled to be completed before DebConf, the description and the title of the talk are subject to change.