Outreach team BoF

Speakers: Molly de Blanc Pranav Jain Jaminy

Track: Social context & community

Type: BoF (45 minutes)

Room: A102

Time: Jul 26 (Fri), 16:00

Duration: 0:45

Want to know what the Outreach team does? Are you interested in getting involved in one of the mentorship programs Debian participates in? Do you have ideas about what we can do in the future, to do a better, more exciting job? Then come to the Outreach BoF, to discuss what the team has been up to over the past year and where the future of Debian outreach lies.

This session is for past, current, and future mentors; past and potential participants in internship programs; and anyone who wants to talk about our participation in programs like Google Summer of Code and Outreachy.