Antonio Terceiro

Accepted Talks:

Closing ceremony

It’s time to finish the show!

Let’s say goodbye to Curitiba.

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to Curitiba! Opening Ceremony for DebConf19, practical information, and all sorts of Q&A.

Open Day Opening Ceremony

In this session we will introduce Open Day, give practical information, and have an open Q&A, addressing the rest of the day as well as DebConf proper which starts the next day.

Ruby Team BOF

The Ruby team maintains over 1500 packages in Debian. I have been active in the Ruby team for a while now. And I believe that we, the Ruby team, as a whole, can improve on a lot of things, like, sponsoring new contributor’s packages, taking sessions, etcetera.

During the BOF session, I’d be discussing a few topics like them, which would encourage more new contributors to join the team and help us in the maintenance of all the gems and applications.

Moreover, something that worries me is the “retainment rate” of the new contributors. If this continues, then after few years down the line, the Ruby team would be in a little trouble. There are a lot of packages under the team and so is the need for more contributors.

And it’d be lovely to have more DMs and DDs emerging out in this process :)

Assembléia Geral do ICTL

Assembléia Geral Extraordinária do ICTL. Se você não é associad@ ao ICTL não tem problema aparecer. Nós temos umas questões burocráticas pra discutir, e isso tende a ser chato, mas se conseguirmos vencer essa pauta rápido, podemos trocar idéias sobre o ICTL em geral.

Content team BoF

The content team meets to discuss what we can improve for Debconf 2020.