Rhonda D'Vine

Accepted Talks:

New to DebConf BoF

A BoF especially targeted at DebConf first timers, from DebConf old timers. What to expect, how to communicate effectively, how to get the most from this experience.

This has been done at DebCon15 and DebConf16 before, was received well but unfortunately wasn’t continued - and noticed to be lacking during last year’s DebConf. So .. here we go again. :)

Debian Diversity BoF

The Diversity Team was officially found in April but has been around for longer, in the spirit of the Diversity Statement. This session aims at figuring out how to improve the visibility of our already diverse community and how to improve on that grounds.

The session will also be a chance to meet people from the local Grupo Dignidade, which organizes and offers infrastructure for LGBTI+ groups to connect and improve the situation of queer people in Brazil. They will speak about their approaches to increase the safety for minority groups, and offer insight into their work.