Otto Kekäläinen is the CEO of Seravo, a company that provides premium hosting and upkeep for WordPress. Otto has been using and advocating Linux and other FOSS technologies professionally for over 15 years.

As a software developer Otto has insight into the technical side of open source development and as an entrepreneur he also knows how to use open source in business successfully. Otto enjoys sharing his experiences on how to use open source methodologies to maximize the potential benefits it can have to the world at large.

Accepted Talks:

How MariaDB packaging uses Salsa-CI to ensure smooth upgrades and avoid regressions

MariaDB is a large package with many parallel releases maintained, extensively used libraries and the packages carry along a data directory that needs to stay intact upgrade after upgrade. Packaging MariaDB is a complex task and ensuring smooth upgrades and avoiding regressions requires a lot of work.

However, with the introduction of Salsa, the Debian Gitlab service, and the continuous integration system it includes, every commit in MariaDB packaging is nowadays extensively tested and maintaining high quality is significantly easier.

In this talk I explain how Salsa-CI works in general, how it is applied for MariaDB packaging in Debian, and how the testing system has evolved in the past year and how it has proven itself truly priceless.

Salsa and Salsa-CI BoF – how the two teams could collaborate and provide a perfect platform for Debian Developers

Currently Salsa admin and the Salsa-CI team are two separate groups with no overlap. In this session we could discuss how these teams could collaborate in the future, and in general check how well aligned the interests and goals of these teams are.

Salsa as git hosting and Salsa-CI as quality control is a great combo that helps a lot of Debian Developers to save time on change managements / regression testing and thus empowers them to do more truly productive work to help Debian.

MariaDB packaging in Debian - BoF session on next steps

MariaDB is currently quite stable in Debian and we should have a fairly good opportunity to work on adding new features and capabilities related to MariaDB & co packaging in Debian.

Attend this BoF session and express your needs and wishes, or get to know the current maintainers and get help on how to contribute to MariaDB & tools packaging in Debian.