Ex-Debian Project Leader and long-term contributor to Debian and lots of other Free Software projects.

In Debian, I'm the Images team lead, also working on installation, EFI, web, wiki, cloud images and others

My paid employment is with Arm in Cambridge, UK where I work on Free Software every day.

Accepted Talks:

Arm ports BoF

Annual get-together for the Arm porters and users, to discuss the state of the multiple Arm ports:

  • Current status
  • Future plans
  • Issues …

Web team BoF

Discussion session for the Debian website team:

  • new homepage
  • new download area
  • removing dead content, or looking for new maintainers
  • slimming things down

Potentially many more topics, could be a busy session!

Secure Boot. In Debian. In Buster. Really.

UEFI Secure Boot has been a long journey in Debian

We started talking about it in 2012, maybe earlier.

We now have it up and running, on 3 different architectures. Let’s celebrate that.

Some topics to discuss:

  • why did it take so long?
  • how does it work?
  • what are the implications?
  • should you trust it?
  • what happens next?

Anti-Harassment BoF

The Debian Anti-Harassment team has been working to help by providing advice on Code of Conduct issues and potential Code of Conduct issues. This session is to meet with the A-H team to discuss current activities, past activities, and the future of the team and its role within the Debian community.