Debian on the Raspberryscape

Speaker: Gunnar Wolf

Track: Embedded & Kernel

Type: Short talk (20 minutes)

Room: Auditório

Time: Jul 25 (Thu), 14:30

Duration: 0:20

The impact of the Raspberry Pi series of computers cannot be downplayed: This tiny computer brings back the concept of computer as a environment for learning electronics, as a toy, as a tool for building other tools, as a prototyping aid… In a most convenient form factor, and for a low sweet price. The Raspberry series helped define a whole segment in computing, and nowadays tens of similar computers with different characteristics are available.

However, given the Raspberries require a non-free firmware blob to boot… There has been no support for running The Universal OS on it. Most Raspberries in the wild run Raspbian, a Debian derivative that deviates quite a bit more than what we would like.

We have dirtied our hands with the non-free package ``raspi3-firmware’‘, have adopted some build infrastructure, and by the time this talk is presented, should have built fully functional images for all of the families in the Raspberryscape!

I want to share in this talk the process and status, and help increase our work’s visibility!