Ganeti Cluster Virtualization Manager — Past, Present and Future

Speaker: Apollon Oikonomopoulos

Track: Cloud and containers

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Miniauditório

Time: Jul 22 (Mon), 16:00

Duration: 0:45

Ganeti is a cluster virtualization manager providing simple, standalone and robust virtualization clusters using a bunch of commodity KVM or Xen hosts. It was initially developed inside Google but made available as Free Software in 2007 and has been included in Debian since Lenny. Since then, it has become a virtualization platform of choice for many companies and organizations around the world, among which the Debian Project itself. After a couple of years in hiatus, development is slowly resuming with the project being gradually handed over to the community.

This talk aims to give a bit of background on Ganeti itself and describe the current state of affairs. It will highlight all present and future challenges, from community-driven development and project governance, to transitioning to present-day Haskell and Python 3 and supporting current hypervisor versions. System administrators and Python or Haskell coders looking for an interesting project to contribute to will feel at home with this talk. Most people interested in virtualization technologies will also hear a couple of interesting bits.