Debian, enabling the developer use case on Chrome OS

Speaker: Guido Trotter

Track: Cloud and containers

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Miniauditório

Time: Jul 22 (Mon), 14:30

Duration: 0:45

Chrome OS is Google’s Linux-based operating system that focuses on speed, simplicity and security. From the beginning Chrome OS computers could run Chrome, and a few specially made applications, but since 2016 they also fully support Google Play, enabling users to access millions of Android apps. Chrome OS devices are readily available from many manufacturers.

Since version 69 of Chrome OS, released in the fall of 2018, users can run a Debian GNU/Linux operating system inside a VM and container. This opens the option of running any Linux desktop app on a Chrome OS device, instantly making Chrome OS devices the most easily available Linux computer for a consumer to get.

In this talk we will discuss: - The architecture of Linux on Chrome OS (aka Crostini), and its rationale - Its current features and functionality - Personalizing and configuring your container - Enterprise features to control linux deployments on Chrome OS - Roadmap plans, and best ways to ship Linux applications on Chrome OS