Caninos Loucos: Enabling Design and Manufacture of FOSSH in Latin America

Speaker: Jon Hall

Track: Social context & community

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Auditório

Time: Jul 22 (Mon), 11:00

Duration: 0:45

Several years ago the Raspberry Pi was released to the world. Unfortunately the computer that costs 35 USD in most countries often retails for 150 USD in Brazil due to shipping, insurance and customs duties. In an attempt to correct this, the Raspberry Pi Foundation was brought to Brazil and two years was spent in an attempt to license and manufacture RPis in Brazil. While ten systems were eventually produced, the request was denied.

After that another design was located, and another path was followed. Three years later the “Labrador” was created and is now ready for large scale manufacture. More flexible than the Raspberry Pi Model 3, faster, with more RAM and more flexibility, the Labrador will run current releases of Debian.

As the project progressed, it became a core component of the Brazilian Internet of Things (IoT) program along with a small sensor computer (the “Pulga”, Portuguese for “Flea”) and a soon-to-be developed small server/router system, the Bankar. The project also morphed from being “just create a less expensive “RPi” to stimulating design and manufacturing of high quality “Open” computer systems in Latin America.

An NGO is being formed called “Caninos Loucos” (“Crazy Canines”) and sophisticated plans for creating a completely Open Computing system with no binary blobs is in the works.