Reproducible Builds - aiming for bullseye

Speakers: Holger Levsen Chris Lamb Vagrant Cascadian

Track: Packaging, policy, and Debian infrastructure

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Auditório

Time: Jul 21 (Sun), 16:00

Duration: 0:45

The goal of this talk is to give the whole Debian community an update on the state of Reproducible Builds in Debian and in the whole free software world as well as to explain what we are aiming for the bullseye release.

It’s been 6 years since Reproducible Builds were first introduced to the Debian community at large at DebConf13 in Vaumarcus and much progress has been achieved since, yet the buster release has not really achieved reproducible builds.

In this talk we will explain the current status, explain what’s missing and hopefully present workable ideas how to improve things for bullseye.